Antwerp, 1/1/2020


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Royal Belgian Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery it is my real pleasure to wish you a most happy New Year 2020. 

First of all, may we wish you a good and strong health. As healthcare providers we know the prime value of good health because we need it to provide our patients the care they deserve and in the best possible conditions. 

Secondly, we wish you, your family and those you cherish a new year full of moments of real joy and happiness. 

Last but not least, we wish you a very successful professional year. As ENT specialists we may feel privileged to have a most interesting career where our diagnostic and therapeutical tools can give our patients real added value in their everyday-functioning. Human society is based on communication where our voice, hearing, sense of smell, taste, balance, facial look and expressions all play a paramount role in central cognition and social interaction. We are also living in a thrilling period of history of mankind where things are changing at an unprecedented pace. Digital technology has revolutionized our way of communication, education and learning. Communication in closed communities has shifted to global communication with exchange of myriads of informations nowadays possible in fractions of seconds. This has accelerated our scientific knowledge in an exponential way. Our B-ENT website is a perfect illustration of this new evolution. Moreover, digital technology has provided us with more precise diagnostic instruments and it has found its way in the most “manual” aspect of our profession, namely the surgery we daily perform. This is why the theme chosen for the annual congress of the B-ORL society in November 2020 will be “ENT practice and innovations in our digital world”. Before this major event, during the spring meeting on March 21st we will have the pleasure to hear interesting communications by experienced colleagues and first presentations by our younger colleagues. The most promising presentations will be recognized by prize-awardings. ENT-knowledge amongst the residents will also be challenged during our first “Young ENT-quiz”. This year our B-ENT journal, after more than a century as a printed journal, will be transformed into a brand-new digital version. Its first issue will be presented during the spring meeting in March. Also, the well alive “facial plastic sub-discipline”, now called “B-Facial”, will be introduced this year in a more formal way. 

All these initiatives proof you that our society, although founded 135 years ago, is not an “old lady” but a very attractive young and thriving young lady. That is why our dynamic Belgian ENT-community welcomes you to participate and to meet colleagues and friends at our two congresses during this new year 2020.


Thomas Somers

President B-ORL 2020


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