Composition:  (alfabetical order)
Frank Declau Declau Frank
anonymous Eloy Philippe, editor-in-chief B-ENT
anonymous Huart Caroline 
Nele Lemkens Lemkens Nele
anonymous Levie Patrick
anonymous Robillard Thibert, President Belgian professional union for ORL and Head and Neck Surgery
anonymous Rombaux Philippe
anonymous  Topsakal Vedat
anonymous Olivier Vanderveken, editor-in-chief B-ENT
anonymous Van der Vorst Sébastien 
anonymous  Van Rompaey Vincent- Editor-in-chief website
Thibaut Van Zele Van Zele Thibaut 
Jean-Baptiste WATELET                     

Watelet Jean-Baptiste – Managing director


On the basis of the areas discussed, the following persons participate as invited guests in the meetings:


 Indesteege Frans, President 2022


Dylen Philips , President VA-NKO

Frank Declau Declau Frank - President B-Facial
anonymous Eloy Philippe - President B-Rhino
anonymous Moerman Mieke - President B-Laryphon

 Wouters Jan, President B-Audio