Board of directors

Composition: (alphabetical order)
anonymous Ars Bernard
anonymous Bertrand Bernard –  Editor-in-chief B-ENT 
Frank Declau Declau Frank - President 2018 - Editor-in-chief website
anonymous Eloy Philippe - President 2017
anonymous Jorissen Mark – Editor-in-chief B-ENT
anonymous Kuhweide Rudolf - Treasurer
anonymous Lemkens Nele
anonymous Levie Patrick
anonymous Robillard Thibert – Representative Belgian Professional ENT Union
anonymous Rombaux Philippe
anonymous Somers Thomas
anonymous Van der Vorst Sébastien 
anonymous Verfaillie Jan 

Watelet Jean-Baptiste – Managing director

On the basis of the areas discussed, the following persons participate as invited guests in the meetings:

anonymous Deggouj Naïma, President 2019

 Indesteege Frans, President Belgian Professional ENT Union


 Acke Frederic, President VA-NKO

anonymous Vlaminck Stephan, President B-Rhino

 Wouters Jan, President B-Audio