Dear collegue,

Belgium will be a country of asylum for many Ukrainians. The accelerated procedure to give them legal status entitles them to access healthcare. In the meantime, however, it is possible that Ukrainians in need of care are still considered “undocumented migrants”.
In France, the Confederation of Doctors' Unions (CSMF), which includes both hospital doctors and independent doctors, is asking doctors to provide care free of charge to these refugees, who are not entitled to reimbursement. We hereby also call on you to follow this principle and not to charge a fee.

The Ukrainian embassy has posted quite extensive lists of medicines and medical equipment in need on its Facebook page ( It is recommended that you cooperate with the embassy or organizations that can provide medicines and health products to Ukraine. The International Red Cross can be contacted via the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and the Croix-Rouge de Belgique. You can also contact NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders and others. The intruder may not recognize the status of aid organizations other than the International Red Cross. Unicef ​​also organizes actions for the benefit of Ukraine.

The VBS can undertake to act as a link between the Red Cross and the doctors to collect information and packages. The packages can be delivered directly to Paleis 11 at the Heysel. They are asked not to bring anything more to the Ukrainian embassy.

The VBS is in solidarity with the Ukrainian population. We cannot remain indifferent to this humanitarian drama. We ask you to assist displaced civilians and wounded and traumatized soldiers in this conflict. We are open to any proposal and any action in that sense.

dr. Jean-Luc Demeere
Chairman VBS/GBS

10 March 2022