Dear colleagues,

As announced in our previous letter and following the deterioration of the health situation, our 2021 life Annual Congress will be postponed to March 2022.

In order to allow you to have a sufficient number of accreditation points, we have decided to propose at short notice a program of 2 half-days of videoconferences, on Friday 17 December from 14:00-18:00 and Saturday 18 December from 09:00-13:00.

The program will be made up of pre-recorded videoconferences (some of which had to be offered in December during the cancelled life congress), while others will be seminar videoconferences made available by certain colleagues.

In order to cover the costs of this rapid changing to webinars, the registration fee will be 30 euros for one day and 50 euros for the two days.

Please find here the link to the info/registration module of the B-ORL Webinar 2021: REGISTRATION

We are aware that this formula is not ideal, so great was our need to meet our colleagues and welcome our sponsors in person, but we hope that this formula will allow you to wait a little longer before our congresses return to their former format.

Marie-Paule Thill

Thomas Somers


9 December 2021