In 2020  a new national working group on facial plastic and esthetic surgery was established within the Royal Belgian Society of Otorinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery (KBV-ORL): B-Facial.

The main objective of B-Facial is to promote facial plastic and esthetic surgery in the ENT community. As Belgium is the only country in Europe where ENT surgeons are anatomically restricted to  operate only on nose and ears, we strive for the rectification of this anomaly in Belgian legislation.

The following B-Facial activities are part of this promotion:

  1. Coordinating and scientifically supporting the sessions devoted to plastic and esthetic surgery in the ENT area during conferences or other meetings organised by the KBV-ORL 
  2. The  organization of additional scientific events or courses
  3. Encourage or develop a training projects (fellowships, oberverships) or research in facial plastic and esthetic  surgery
  4. Play a connecting role between the KBV-ORL and other national and international scientific institutions for the areas linked to plastic surgery of face and neck.
  5. Participate in and / or initiate dialogue on facial plastic and esthetic surgery issues between the Belgian professional Society and governmentally competent bodies