Dear Colleagues,

Today is the day, a special day, nevertheless, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: the new B-ENT has landed!

For more than fifteen years Professor Mark Jorissen governed and managed the B-ENT journal as a true 'pater familias' with the help of his co-Editors in Chief and the national and international members of the Editorial Board of the journal. A lot of credits need to be given to him and his team with a peer-reviewed journal being cited in many international databases and currently having a 5-year impact factor of 0.583.

From 2020 on a new Editorial team with headquarters in Antwerp took the challenge to re-new the journal making it a journal with a contemporary website, online manuscript submission and state-of-the art editorial management database behind the scenes. Apart from original contributions and review papers, the editors call for submission of unique case reports that include a concise review of the literature, protocol papers of innovative clinical trials in the field of ENT-HNS, clinical pearls, interesting images in the field and letters to the editors. According to a long existing tradition, the abstracts presented at the meetings of the Royal Belgian Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery will be published in B-ENT too, of course. The journal wants to be the home of residents as well as specialists in ENT-HNS both at the national level in Belgium and at the international scene.

The publication of this first issue of 2020 was delayed because of an obvious reason being the COVID-19 pandemic. The next three issues of 2020 will be published steadily with the fourth issue to be published online in December. The Editors thought that it was appropriate to add a special \'B-ENT COVID-19 COLLECTION\' including six additional papers on COVID-19 all relevant to the ENT-HNS readership. As a result, this issue of the journal contains a total of seventeen papers: I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

Dear colleagues, just to let you know that 'le nouveau B-ENT est arrivé' open for you to read interesting papers or to submit your own work - 'de nieuwe B-ENT' is er' taking the time to reflect on the long tradition of our Society to have our own international journal, something to cherish!

Let's move forward with this journal that has a tradition of over 120 years and proudly bears the name B-ENT.

Olivier M. Vanderveken
Philippe Eloy

Editors in Chief